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TRONDHEIM INTERNATIONAL OLAVSFEST is a week of festivities and folklife at the end of July/beginning of August filled with quality concerts and conversations, with pilgrim walks and worship services, and with cultural experiences colourful and pleasing, for body and soul, enjoyment and reflection — in short, experiences that touch us, move us, do something to us. Experiences that give us something to take with us on life’s journey, to expand our horizons and strengthen us in our faith — whether in God or humanity, or in the world as a place where we can find meaning, each in our own way, each in our own fashion. A values-based meeting place that embraces, rather than excludes, and one that accentuates the meaning of faith, hope and justice working together with art and culture to expand our world of imagination.

THEME 2020


Honour a word we no longer use so much.

Honour is perhaps most commonly used as a languid homage to someone, or as a stern denunciation of other cultures whose code of honour seems so very clear to us. But we also have a code of honour.

We do not talk so much about honour, but we are acutely preoccupied with the other side of honour, shame.

The truth is that everyone lives according to a code of honour. All humans wish to uphold their own dignity. Some claim that what is happening in world politics in our time is first and foremost not about economics, but about dignity.

Events also for children and young people
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