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The exquisite Kongsberg church and its famous Gloger organ take centre stage as artists of national and international reputation gather to make music from dawn till dusk. Welcome!

The Gloger organ in Kongsberg Church is the largest baroque organ in Scandinavia. With its magnificent façade and beautiful sound it has become a national treasure. The organ was built by Gottfried Heinrich Gloger in 1765, but decommissioned in the late 1800s. In January 2001, the Gloger organ was restored to its original baroque build from 1765. German organ builder Jürgen Ahrend had through a lengthy restoration process managed to recreate the old traditional sound  of the Gloger, combining old parts and pipes with new ones cast as part of the renovation work. Today, we may assume that the Organ sound as it did in the latter half of the 1700s.

Kongsberg Church, where we fin the organ, is a unique and richly decorated Baroque church, consecrated in 1761. Though the church has a modest exterior of red brick, the interior is magnificent. Please follow this link to see more pictures.

The city has good road links to central eastern area of Norway with Oslo, the capital being just over an hour's drive away (80km - approx 70 min drive). NSB (The Norwegian State Railroad) operate an hourly service during day- and evening time departing Oslo Central Station.

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