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Narvik Winter Festival is one of the festivals in Northern Norway with the greatest attendance and crowd engagement. The festival is organised by a non-profit organisation that promotes and stages cultural events throughout the year. 

In its inceptional phase Narvik Winter Festival was run by the Narvik Tourist Board, but the scope and growth of the event demanded a different type of organisation to produce the event. Therefore,  a foundation was set up in 1997 to organise the Narvik Winter Festival, the "Rombaksbotn Celebration" and help initiate and promote new events in the local area and region.  

The Narvik Winter Festival programme 200 different events during the week of the festival. An audience of 50,000 attends one or several of them, making it the most visited festival in the region. Narvik Winter Festival is a modern festival with exciting content while the frame and symbols of cultural history are well taken care of.

The organisers strives to develop events that are rooted in the area's cultural and historical context, through use of genres such as music, literature, art exhibitions, theater and dance.  That said, music and concerts account for the largest part of the program content. Emphasis is placed on cross border collaboration, particularly with Swedish partners, an ambition which is natural, considering the relations the region have had with Sweden and other neighbouring countries in the north over the last centuries. 

Performance Art
Art exhibitions
Events also for children and young people