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Oslo International Church Music Festival is held annually over the course of ten days in March. The string of concerts are held in the capital's churches, with Oslo Cathedral as the main arena. The festival program is launched on 1. December each year.

The festival is not only an inclusive forum for church musicians, choirs, orchestras and ensembles, but also a festival for different people regardless of affiliation or belief. The festival is a central institution in the development of church music nationwide, and an important player when it comes to mark Oslo as an international music capital of the European format.

Oslo International Church Music Festival consistently works to stimulate projects that develop church music genre. It emphasises the diversity of church music as a historical genre, and safeguard traditions whilst also aim to further develop the genre. The festival`s connection to the capital, in addition to its international fortification, make sure it stands out as one of the leading purveyors of church music.

Founder, initiator and innovator behind the Oslo International Church Music Festival is Festival Director and Artistic Director Bente Johnsrud. The festival is organised as a private foundation, with the chairman being the  Bishop of Oslo. The foundation`s board consists of representatives from church music, cultural life and business, and the festival also has an artistic council of prominent people from the Norwegian music scene.

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