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Sildajazz Haugesund International Jazz Festival was established in 1987. During five days in August, the herring town Haugesund offer a variety of concerts and events. 

The festival has throughout its history been known for its large and prestigious programme. The festival presents every year over 70 orchestras and nearly 400 Norwegian and international musicians taking part in more than 180 events with an extensive side program on all of  the festival`s 25 venues. The great atmosphere and livelyness has led to the festivals popularity and annually attracting 60,000 people. 

Sildajazz has presented several commissioned works at the festival, and the Statoil Sildajazz Price has since 2000, been awarded to Norwegian artists and groups. 

With free outdoor concerts, festival exhibition, Street Parade, Children Parade, Workshops for young musicians, Sildajazz Market and visiting boats in the harbor, Older Jazz, Fyrjazz and Komlejazz, the whole city is taking part in 
what is referred to as "Sildajazzen in Haugesund".


Commissioned music
Festival Exhibition
Events also for children and young people