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Landsfestivalen in old-timedance music was arranged first time in 1986. Landsfestivalen gathers old-timedance music enthusiasts from throughout the country to competitions in dance and music. Landsfestivalen is the biggest event for old-time dance music and is a championship event. The festival gathers annual 500 active fiddlers and dancers of all ages to compete in old-time dance. The competitions are the main contents of the festival, with the country's best performers in this genre taking part. Anyone can participate within the guidelines that are set up. Competitions genres are: waltz, reinlender, various types of polka, mazurka etc. The competitions are like concerts. In addition, the festival also arranges other small and larger concerts. The festival takes place over five days in mid-July, and many local and visiting dance enthusiasts find their way to Landsfestivalen and the various culturalexperiences offered there.

FolkOrg appoints a local organiser to conduct the festival. In 2015 the responsebility for conducting Country Festival in gammaldans music is given to Lom spel- and dansarlag. This is the first time the festival is hosted in Lom!

Competition in old-time music and dance
Events also for children and young people