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The Norwegian Revue Festival + Norwegian Revy Academic Center = Norwegian Revy Academic Centre (NSC ).

Norwegian Revy Academic Centre (NSC ) was founded in 1990 by The Norwegian Revue Festival, cabaret groups, individuals and municipal and state cultural agencies. After three successful cabaret festivals there was a great need for a year-round service to cabaret groups.

Today NSC is a competence and service center for Norwegian revue environments. Norwegian Revy Academic Center and The Norwegian Revue Festival is organised as two separate foundations, but with a common management and control. NSC is the organiser of Norwegian Revyfestival- NM Revy.

Every other year the funniest of the funniest Norges meet at the funniest festival in the highlands with one goal in mind: to get as many and as long a laughs from the audience as possible. Whoever has the most can adorn themselves with the title Norwegian Champion in revue, achieving admiring pats on the shoulder and glory of the highest class. In 2013 it was the fifteenth time hållingene ( English: the highlanders ) hosted the festival and took to thousands of merry audiences and participants.

NSC has actively, since 1997, collected and archived historical material related to Norwegian Revue. In 2005 NSC signed a cooperation agreement with NSC National Library in Mo i Rana, and where large parts of the archive is located today. We are constantly looking for all of cabaret material, please send us revue texts, posters, program or recording. Revue history tells an alternative history of Norway!

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