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Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival was established in 2004 on the initiative of Trondheim Municipality and first held 12.-17. april 2005. The festival aims to strengthen the film industry and film in mid-Norway, and contribute to innovation at the intersection of culture and commerce. In addition to being a festival, Kosmorama offers visitors exciting film and professional content.

The festival runs over seven days in NOVA Cinema Centre, Trondheim. The programme features over 90 films from around the world. In addition to screenings, the festival also organise a film quiz, parties, seminars, screenings of work in progress, and more. The festival also hosts the Norwegian film industry's own award and prize ceremony: The Canon Award.

Kosmorama means a perspective representation of the world’s sights. The festival got this name from one of the city’s first big Cinemas; Kosmorama Theater, founded in 1910 by Paul Kraüsslich. Kraüsslich ran the cinema, as well as being an avid film photographer. In 1906 he filmed the coronation in Trondheim, and already three hours after the events he was able to show the film for the city’s population. In 1908 he was given the honorable task of showing films for the Royal Family at Royal Residence in Trondheim. Film pioneer Kraüsslich has been a source of inspiration for us as we now, 100 years later work every day to create our own Kosmorama.

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