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Why join Norway Festivals (NF)?

We are the only genre overarching cooperative body for cultural festivals in Norway,  with over 70 member festivals of theater, classical music, jazz / rock, folk, literature, church music and film +

Norway Festivals´ main aim is to protect the interests of artistic and cultural festivals. We put festival political issues on the agenda, update and disseminate key information, marketing, and professional development within the festival area.


About the network:

Arena for networking and exchange of experience
Annual festival conference: important meeting place for festivals, their leaders, national politicians, media and manufacturers.



Norwegian Festivals market its festivals in Norway and internationally. Promotion includes website with timely and relevant information - updated festival overview of Norwegian and English which is also used by newspapers, media and the tourism industry, and read by very many worldwide.


Access to public goods

We are members of the European Festival Association (EFA) and getting in the way opportunity Nordic, European and international cooperation. Norwegian Festivals forward is also economical agreements for member festivals of relevant services. Overview of agreements can be obtained by contact with NF.


Professional development

We organise an annual festival conference addressing relevant topics. This is the main meeting place for festivals and is subsidised for members of NF.

NF collaborate and has a good dialogue with educational institutions, service providers, regional forums, conferences and is continuously working to provide member festivals with skills development measures. There are also opportunities for posting job ads on NF's website for free.


How to join:

The applicant must have an artistic profile and expressed a preamble in one or more artistic / cultural fields. 

To be admitted as a member the applicant must have been in business and conducted at least three festivals or least 2 biennials, documenting seriousness and quality.


Pay an even proportion to NF SA at 5,000 NOK. This is refundable at any resignation.

Subscription of 3500 NOK per year for festivals with turnover below 5 million. 4500 NOK per year for festivals with turnover exceeding 5.mill

Fill out the form below - or call us for questions and further information!