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About Norway Festivals

About us

Norway Festivals was established in 1997 as a body for cooperation and development of Norwegian festivals, with the aim of spreading knowledge about the member festivals and promote these nationally and internationally. The network is organised as a cooperative jointly owned by member festivals.

Norway Festivals are in a unique position as a network of organisations, because its membership consists exclusively of festival organisers representing all the main artistic and cultural genres at national level. We are the leading, national and crossover network organisation for Norwegian cultural festivals. Our purpose is to strengthen the cultural festival´s position through common skills development, knowledge production and dissemination, participation in the public policy debate, efforts to improve the operating conditions of festivals and inform about festival activity and business.

Furthermore, we work on the basis of the fundamental belief that our member festivals are among Norway`s finest professional purveyors of their genre´s artistic and cultural expression. In recent years we have experienced an increase in the establishment of new festivals, many of them commercially oriented. Along with other types of entertainment, these compete with our members over the public`s attention. For Norwegian Festivals it is therefore important to highlight the work of our member festivals and help raising their status among the public and audiences. We do this by working alone or in collaboration with sister organisations and other stakeholders. 

We are also a member of EFA - The European Festivals Association.

Norwegian festivals include 77 Norwegian festivals. Our members are represented through the "members page" on this website. 


The following persons constitute the board of the organisation :

Chairman of the board

Øivind Pedersen - Independent

Elin Owren Rekdal (Showbox/Scenekunstbruket) - co chairman
Anders Narverud Moen (Fredrikstad Animation Festival/Norsk Animasjonsforum) 
Sean Lewis (Fjord Classics)
Tine Hvidsten (Konsertforeninga)
Kristin C Slørdahl (Oslo kammermusikkfestival) 


1. Anita Svingen (Kortfilmfestivalen)

2. Katrine Lilleland (Stavanger Kammermusikkfestival)

3. Henrik Sand Dagfinrud (Bodø 2024)

4. Truls Sanaker, (independent)