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Invitasjon til Festivals on Demand

Dear friends of NBFP,

I hope you've had a great start to the new year!


Please forward this information to all festivals in your countries ASAP:

Since May 2017 the Nordic-Baltic Festival Platform has been working on a trial to aggregate and archive live-streamed and recorded performances from festivals in the Nordic-Baltic region and we've decided to do this under the start-up brand 'Festivals on Demand'. We find that it is very important to use technology in order to engage with wider audiences as well as present to our professional community the great work going on in the region.


We are now actively seeking content for this platform and invite all festivals to contribute with their pre-recorded content as well as by considering to participate with a live-stream before the end on April 2018.

Please have a look at the site here -


Advantages for the festivals include:


1. A simple, ready-made platform to stream and archive live performances

2. Reduced costs compared to a standalone live stream

3. Access to the audiences of other relevant festivals

4. Support and advice on maximising the impact of live-streamed events


The required criteria for live-stream are as follows:


1. The Festival must take place before the end of April 2018

2. The performance must be something that can be streamed as video

3. The Festival will be responsible for clearing the artist rights and filming the performance

4. Festivals On Demand will clear composer rights and cover the costs of hosting and mechanical copyright


The festival continues to own the footage of the performance, only signing over the rights necessary to live-stream and then archive the performance for a limited time window.


As said before, we would also love to present any prerecorded content, so if you have good material that may be of help to promote your festival, then please let us know.


All the best,
Leelo Lehtla

+372 5684 4244
NordicBaltic Festival Platform